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Salisbury’s demographics show no sign of slowing down, which means that there are still plenty of new residents entering the area every year. Many of those who moved to GM Real Estate in the past are drawn back to the area every year. Because of this, the value of Salisbury properties has continued to grow. Salisbury’s average sales price is currently about three times higher than in some of its surrounding suburbs, making it one of the most expensive real estate markets in the state.

GM Real Estate – Developers Cash in on Trendy Homes

The average price of a house or apartment in Salisbury is about five times higher than the average in Frederick. This difference is largely due to the high number of houses and apartments that are located within close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, along with the many upscale hotels that are located nearby.

Salisbury offers a wide variety of real estate options to homeowners. In fact, the realtors who offer their services here are very picky about the type of properties they work with. so if you want to find Salisbury waterfront property that features large wooded lots surrounded by water, then you might want to look in Westminster or Belmont.

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