Considering a Hair Transplant?

The goal of hair transplant surgery is to improve the look of hair on the donor sites, as well as to promote hair growth on the recipient areas. Many people use this type of treatment to improve their appearance because they want to regain their normal hairstyle. Read more

Hair Transplant Surgery – Pros & Cons

There are a number of different benefits of hair transplant surgery, such as improving self-esteem. People who have experienced it tend to report an immediate improvement in their appearance, including increased self-confidence. This is due in part to the fact that the transplanted hair looks natural. It also looks like the donor area, which makes it appear more natural. After undergoing this type of surgery, many people say that their hair looks fuller and fuller on the scalp, which provides them with a better appearance overall.

In addition to improved appearance, some people report that their new hair grows much more rapidly than before. In fact, they say that they are able to see new hairs forming in the follicle after just a few weeks, which provides them with a fuller appearance immediately. In many cases, it takes weeks for new hairs to grow, however.

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