All You Need to Know About Air Suspension Fittings

Air suspension fittings are the best way to lift your car up without having to spend a ton of money on expensive hydraulic lifts. In the past, air suspension was used by a lot of car manufacturers in their cars that were not as good as those that came from their factories. With the advancement of technology, many more people are using these air-suspension fittings, and they are very easy to install. In fact, you can do it yourself if you are willing to invest some time and effort in it. Read more

Air Suspension Fittings Guide

There are several types of air suspensions for your car, so you will need to choose which one is most suitable for you. The most common air-suspension for a car is the air coil suspension. These have an air cushion in between the coil spring and the car’s body.

This cushion will prevent the air from going out of the coils and causing them to crack. Another type of air suspension is called the air damper, and these are usually used in sports cars and racing cars. They work by allowing the air to go up the body of the car. Finally, there is the air strut suspension, which is the most popular among car owners.

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