Mudgee Accommodation

Mudgee Accommodation – Mudgee is situated in the western part of Mumbai, in the middle of the Arabian sea. It was the original settlement of the Marathas, who ruled this region before coming to Mumbai. The region became known as Mumbaikars after the British rulers started moving in, with the arrival of the British in Bombay and the surrounding areas. Mudgee, or Muzaffarabad as it was called then, is now a major business center for Mumbai and the surrounding areas. The area is dotted with many posh malls, shopping complexes and shopping arcades.

Glamping in Mudgee

Mudgee is also home to the oldest and biggest of the five star hotels in Mumbai, namely the Taj Exotica in Worli. The hotel is the main attraction for the Mumbai’s tourists, because of its amazing views of the sea, its exclusive restaurants and its wonderful rooms. Other than that, the hotel has two bars, a swimming pool, a gym and a spa to make your stay comfortable. The hotel also offers discount prices on meals and for drinks and is well known for its good service.

Besides the three star Mudgee hotels and the Taj Exotica, you will find other excellent hotels in Mankato, including the Hotel Taj Mahal and the Hotel Radisson Blu, both of which have been renovated and restored to their former glory. There are also many budget hotels in the vicinity, and most of these have reasonable services. Many people prefer Mudgee for its excellent accommodation options. However, one should take care to check out the rates at these hotels, because some of them have reduced rates to attract tourists. Most of the people who travel to Mumbai to stay in one of the Mudgee hotels, as they can easily afford the price.

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