Solar power, you’re basically replacing the electricity!!

With solar power, you’re basically replacing the electricity generated by coal fired power plant with one that’s generated from the sun. This means you don’t pollute the air with any of the emissions that are created by traditional power plants. However, when it comes to saving money on electricity, there’s nothing really that beats solar power. If you can generate enough solar energy, you could even sell excess power back to the grid for a profit. Of course, you’re only going to make money if you can generate more than enough to cover your electricity costs, but I guess that’s better than nothing. Read more

Advantages of Solar Power !

On the other hand, a generator will allow you to create electricity without using any of the clean energy that the sun generates. So when you use a generator to power up your home, you’re not just potentially damaging our environment, you’re also putting up a pollution bill.

And this doesn’t even get into the fact that when you use a generator you’re also putting up a greenhouse gas emissions bill as well. That’s why I’ve always felt it was better to use solar panels, because you’re able to generate free electricity without contributing to a lot of extra pollution, which can easily be offset through conservation.