How Your Glaucoma Surgeon Can Treat Your Glaucoma?

Having a glaucoma surgeon take care of your eye problems is very important for your overall health. If you have open-angle glaucoma, you need a glaucoma surgeon to perform a minimally invasive procedure so that they can make the necessary repairs and they can correct the damage that has been done to your vision.

Glaucoma surgeon – Care of your eye problems

An open-angle glaucoma occurs when there is a build up of pressure in the eye. This happens as you are going through life, but it usually gets worse as we age. When you look in the mirror and see a spot where there is a blind spot, you may have an open-angle glaucoma. It is quite easy to be diagnosed with open-angle glaucoma if you have a slight build up in the iris. The first thing that the doctor will do is put a special instrument into your eye to get a reading on how much pressure is being placed on the eye. The second thing the doctor will do is to look at your eye and determine if the condition is open or closed.

For some people, a minimally invasive procedure is performed and they no longer need to go to the doctor because they no longer need to be examined. These people can experience good results and this is possible even though they have an open-angle glaucoma. This means that the surgeon can remove the portion of the iris that causes the build up in the eye without damaging the rest of the eye. This minimally invasive procedure is called laser iridotomy and it will provide you with great results. A minimally invasive procedure is more effective than a traditional surgery because the surgeon does not need to make any incisions. For this reason, you should go to your glaucoma surgeon for a professional glaucoma treatment.

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