Asgard RDA, The Miniaturized Garden Delight

The Asgard Mini RDA by Green Tea for women is a miniaturized version of the original and is built upon the same highly durable and long-lasting Asgard core technology. The Asgard brand offers RDA’s that are build for life and designed with you in mind. The Asgard Mini is an upgraded version of its predecessors. The original Asgard RDA sports a larger inner chamber to house the battery and increase storage space overall. The Mini has an upgraded postless design and a larger front plate that offers a comfortable fit.

How I Improved My Asgard Rda, The Miniaturized Garden Delight

For an all in one herbal kit the Asgard Mini RDA comes standard with a front firing linear barrel assembly as well as the quick release 510 pin. The Asgard Mini also features a side-fill reservoir for easy filling and includes an adjustable airlock for easy flavor enhancement. The locking top and post system along with the standard drip tip gives the Asgard Mini RDA its unique advantage over other RDA’s.

The ability to upgrade the inner chamber and upgrade the front plate gives the Asgard Mini RDA its edge above other similar RDA’s. Also the locking top airflow 25mm creates a strong and stable base for the unit. There are other unique features as the Asgard RDA includes a side-fill reservoir, an adjustable airlock, and an extended stainless steel side port for easy filling and cooling.

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