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This is a collection of Vietnam that will leave you amazed and interested in Vietnam culture and Vietnam history. Vietnam and its people come to mind when you hear Vietnam War, Vietnam War and Vietnam collector. This Vietnam collection contains items that you can easily buy in Vietnam; we want to remind everyone that we all have a common goal here: to recognize Vietnam for its beautiful culture and people.

There is no doubt that Vietnam has a rich cultural heritage and it’s already been proven by the French colonial period where Vietnam had a big part in the trade of Vietnam porcelain. Vietnam is today a fast developing country with an emerging economy and Vietnam souvenir market is one of the most developed industries in Vietnam. Vietnam’s most important exports are clothing, footwear, textiles, computers and consumer goods. Moreover, these days Vietnam is considered one of the top destinations to visit. Vietnam luxury tours are becoming more and more popular as Vietnam luxury hotels start to push up prices in the Vietnam boutique hotel market.

In Vietnam, the most interesting Vietnam collections are those focusing on Vietnam history or Vietnam war memorabilia, but you can find a lot of other Vietnam collections that will interest you: Vietnam art and paintings, Vietnam fashion, Vietnam traditional outfits, Vietnam music archive, Vietnam porcelain and pottery, Vietnam military equipment or Vietnam propaganda posters are also great Vietnam collections that will show your friends that you love Vietnam culture. Click now for more!

We want to give you some tips on how to buy a Vietnam collection on a shoestring budget when in Vietnam.

 Here are five Vietnam tips on the Vietnam collection.

1- Vietnam Souvenirs are not just T-Shirts, Bamboo carvings and Umbrellas

Many people come to Vietnam with an idea that Vietnam souvenirs are just some bamboo carvings, silk paintings or T-shirts of Vietnam tourist attractions. That’s not the case! Vietnam itself is a Vietnam souvenir that you can take back with you. Vietnam is a place where you will discover Vietnam handicrafts in every Vietnam corner and Vietnam culture is everywhere. Don’t limit yourself to just Vietnam T-shirts or silk paintings when in Vietnam; it’s much more interesting than that.

2- Vietnamese Traditional Clothes Are Vietnam Souvenirs You Will Love

Another Vietnam souvenir that will please even more than Vietnam T-Shirts are Vietnam traditional outfits. Vietnam traditional outfit culture is fading away Vietnam but it’s still worth exploring. Vietnam traditional outfits remain more common in rural areas, so don’t forget to visit the Vietnam countryside on your Vietnam luxury tours.

3- Make Vietnam Souvenirs Yourself

The Vietnam handicraft market has been very successful in Vietnam as it’s a source of Vietnam income for Vietnam people. Have you ever thought to make Vietnam souvenirs by yourself? Why not! Vietnam handicraft market is huge and there are lots of Vietnamese handicraft shops where you can buy Vietnam materials to make Vietnam souvenirs by yourself. Vietnam silk painting and Vietnam bamboo carvings are Vietnam handicrafts that you can easily make by yourself after buying Vietnam materials for Vietnam crafts.

4- Vietnam War Memorabilia Are not Just Guns and Bayonets

Many think of Vietnam war memorabilia as Vietnam guns, bullet shells or even bayonets, but many countries played Vietnam role during the Vietnam war and Vietnam was also Vietnam key military equipment supplier for Vietnam War. Vietnam is very rich with Vietnam war memorabilia such as Vietnam radios, tapes, helmets, artillery shells and many more; we will recommend you to come to Saigon Vietnam first and then go to other Vietnam sites if interested in Vietnam war memorabilia.

 Vietnam Vietnam War Museum in Hanoi Vietnam is one of the best Vietnam places for Vietnam war memorabilia lovers.

5- Vietnam Souvenirs Are Not All Made in Vietnam

If you went to Vietnam with a Vietnam shopping list that includes Vietnam T-shirts, then you got to know about these already but they mustn’t come just from Vietnam. Vietnam souvenirs are not just Vietnam T-shirts, Vietnam handicrafts or Vietnam traditional outfits that are Vietnam made. They can be Vietnam food items too! Vietnam is famous for its cuisine and Vietnam food culture is moderately developed there so Vietnamese food is a good idea to include in your list of Vietnam souvenir ideas. You can buy Vietnamese food Vietnam made but Vietnam Vietnam is also a Vietnam place famous for Vietnam import from Vietnam South of Vietnam Vietnam, so you can buy some Vietnam food too if interested.

Hanoi Vietnam Tour Packages If you do not have enough time to visit a lot of places in Vietnam, then we recommend Hanoi as your first stop on your Vietnam tours. 

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