How to Fix About Blank on Your Computer

Seeing “about:blank” on your computer is a common occurrence. While this isn’t a security issue and won’t cause your computer to be infected with malware, it can be annoying. Here’s how to fix about:blank. The first thing you need to know is that this is a normal browser function. Your computer should load your favorite sites quickly if you often see the “about:blank” page.

The Secret Of Blank On Your Computer

There’s a reason you’d never want to visit about.blank. It’s a placeholder for the page you’ve requested. Many people have made about:blank their homepage, but it’s not from the internet. You should use your anti-virus or malware software to block about:blank. If the page isn’t blocked by these programs, you’ll receive a message telling you it’s being blocked.

The good news is that about:blank isn’t malicious. Depending on your browser, this page may be a sign that your system is blocking malware. There are several ways to disable this message, including enabling advanced security features and turning off pop-ups. You can also set up a customized home page, but this is not always a good idea. Make sure you know your browser’s settings and don’t allow it to show about:blank as your homepage.

Another way to fix about:blank is to uninstall recently installed programs. You can uninstall any programs that cause the “about:blank” message to appear. To remove multiple applications, click “Restart Later” and manually restart your browser. If you have installed apps from online, make sure they’re not downloaded from the App Store. This prevents the browser from processing HTML and Java code. If you have recently installed an application from an unknown source, you can’t get rid of about:blank.

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