How to Increase Your Ergonomics Monitor Height

There are various ways to increase your ergonomics monitor height, and there is no one size fits all solution. There are various researches confirming that a monitor that is at eye level is better for your eyes, your neck and upper back, and your productivity. In one study, Turville and colleagues measured the average muscle activity of 10 sets of neck and upper back muscles at 15th and 40th degrees below horizontal. Their results revealed that the lower position resulted in higher muscle activity, while the upper-back muscles were relaxed and tended to be less active.

Pay Attention To Your Monitor Height And Position

You should also try to adjust the height of your monitors by using ergonomic arms. These stands hold your monitor securely and allow you to change the height of your screens. You may also want to consider a dual monitor stand. This will allow you to adjust the height of both screens to the ideal ergonomic height for your eyes. And if you are using multiple monitors, it is even better if you place them at a single arm’s length from your elbows. There is no one size fits all solution.

The height of the computer screen is another important ergonomics issue. It should be slightly higher than your eye level. This will reduce the amount of strain on your neck and eyes while working. A good computer monitor height should be at least 20 inches away from your eyes. Larger screens may require a higher monitor height. Another helpful tip is to tilt the monitor backward. This will help reduce glare. In addition to this, the angle should be at least ten degrees higher than the eye level of the person using it.

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