Become a NACE Inspector Today

Become a NACE Inspector Today

Before becoming a NACE Inspector, you should have a background in the industry our NACE inspection. This program consists of online courses and in-person training and is considered the gold standard for the industry. A first virtual class will be held March 29-30, 2020. Instructors are opening up their schedules to accommodate students’ requests. Learn more about NACE Certification and CIP. Become a NACE Inspector today. There are many benefits to earning a NACE Inspection certification.

Become a NACE inspector today and enjoy many benefits. Your knowledge will help you maintain assets, reduce environmental impact, improve your career outlook, and increase your level of confidence in the inspection process. NACE Inspection Training is easy to obtain online. The course can last as little as 60 hours or as long as six days. A specialization course focuses on a particular area of coating inspection rather than the whole industry. This course also helps you understand the process of a coating inspection.

A NACE inspection will reveal if a coating has been properly prepared. An inspection of this type is beneficial for many structures, such as pipelines and structures made of structural steel. It also provides an opportunity to identify potential problems with an unfinished project. Using industry-recognized documentation software, a NACE inspector will make recommendations for future maintenance. A NACE inspector will provide a thorough report. In addition to inspecting the surface of a structure, a NACE inspector will also check the coating on a particular structure.

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