Investing in Childcare Centres

If you are considering investing in childcare glen huntly centres, it’s important to understand the key factors impacting this industry. These include government funding, industry consolidation and smart buildings. With the Government’s support and planning controls in place, childcare centres will be well placed to attract a range of buyers. Consequently, the average yields in this sector have surpassed last year’s highs.

What are the disadvantages of daycare?

Investors in the childcare sector are becoming more educated on the sector, and the current state of the market. The industry is in the early stages of consolidating, with strong players underpinning intrinsic values. In the meantime, the Government’s support and planning controls will help ensure the industry remains sustainable.

Earlier this month, CBRE’s Healthcare & Social Infrastructure team sold its Ormond and Glen Huntly early learning portfolios. Buddies Early Learning, in Glen Huntly, is one of the strongest performing centres in the city. It is a 1,100sqm facility that has been leased for 15 years. This facility has a 4.5% yield.

Investors looking to diversify their existing portfolios with childcare centres are also encouraged to consider the current environment. According to the team, the average yields for childcare centres have surpassed last year’s peaks, with more investment occurring in this area. Consequently, Expressions of Interest are being sought by October 27. As a result, the current environment will encourage more investment in the sector, with the industry set for further consolidation. Furthermore, government policy will help ensure that children receive the care and education they need.

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