Sleeve Tattoo Colour – Tips on the Right Color For You

Sleeve tattoos are very common among women nowadays. They are also among the top choices for men. It can be defined as a sleeve, which covers a large part of the arm. A sleeve tattoo colour can be very daring, beautiful and sexy or even more subdued and mild. The colour can be bold, dark or just plain colored. There is also a sleeve tattoo colour for every occasion, be it a birthday or anniversary, valentine’s day, Halloween or any other special event that you want to express yourself with.

How to Choose Sleeve Tattoo Colour

The common designs for sleeve tattoos are flowers like cherry blossoms, lotus, hibiscus and roses but you can also try other types such as animals, letters, stars, birds, crosses, vines and tribal designs. You can also combine two designs together like a Celtic cross or anything that blends in well with your personality. A sleeve design can be very simple as a half sleeve tattoo or it can be a full sleeve tattoo with amazing detailed designs. If you do not want to draw the entire design yourself, you can always enlist the help of a professional sleeve tattoo artist who specializes in sleeve tattoos.

Women opt for this type of tattoo mostly because it is cute and feminine looking. Moreover, it does not take much of your time. The colours usually come in deeper shades such as deep reds, pinks, purples, oranges and browns. Men, on the other hand, choose this kind of design because it looks masculine. Popular designs for sleeve tattoo colour are animals such as bumblebees, dragons, panther, fish, birds, scorpion and snakes.

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